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FMGE 2023 Admit Card Released


National Board of Examinations (NBE) has taken a significant step by releasing the FMGE 2023 admit card for all registered candidates. To access the admit card, candidates must log in with their unique login ID and password. It is crucial for every candidate to download the admit card from the official website nbe.edu.in as individual physical copies will not be sent.

The FMGE 2023 exam, scheduled for July 30, will be conducted in a computer-based mode. The admit card contains vital information such as details of the candidate, exam date, timing, the name and address of the exam center, and essential exam guidelines. To ensure a smooth process on the day of the exam, candidates must remember to carry the FMGE 2023 admit card along with other necessary documents, including a valid photo identity proof.

Before downloading the admit card, it is of utmost importance that candidates carefully review all the details provided. Any discrepancies between the information on the admit card and the identity proof of candidate could result in their disqualification from the examination. In case any errors are noticed, candidates must promptly contact the competent authorities at NBE and have the issues rectified well in advance of the examination date.



How to Download FMGE 2023 Admit Card

  1. Go to the official website of NBE
  2. Click on "FMGE" Login using the User Id and password
  3. Click on "Download admit card"
  4. Check the admit card of FMGE 2023 for errors
  5. Download and save the admit card
  6. Print at least 2 copies of the admit card

This timely action by NBE has paved the way for candidates to be well-prepared and organized for the FMGE 2023 exam. By adhering to the guidelines and ensuring the correctness of their admit card details, candidates can confidently approach the examination day with the necessary documentation and peace of mind. Let us all wish the aspiring doctors the best of luck in their FMGE 2023 endeavors!